Water and Natural Resources

Water quality and quantity

On water issues, Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association is an industry leader, with its staff monitoring and helping to shape water  policy at the district, state and federal levels. To compete in a global marketplace, Florida producers must have an adequate supply of affordable, acceptable quality water. Florida's burgeoning population is likely to mean competition for resources into the future, which could have dire consequences for agriculture. That's why FFVA will continue to support and encourage the development of alternative sources of water while protecting the interests of agriculture.

Representation and monitoring

At the farm level, FFVA helps members by stepping in to help solve concerns before they grow into costly problems. The association also works to ensure that industry is adequately represented on all relevant water advisory and oversight committees. FFVA monitors the activities of regional water management districts, state agencies, local governments and the Florida Legislature, and advises members of regulatory actions that could affect their ability to access or manage important water resources.

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