Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association members recognize that a strong marketing program is essential for success and growth. FFVA operates and manages an Exchange Management Group that administers several commodity exchanges for producers, including the Florida Sweet Corn Exchange, the Sweet Corn Growers Exchange and the Florida Vegetable Exchange. These exchanges offer value by helping producers manage marketing programs on several fronts. They also make it convenient for producers to monitor production conditions, apply better real-time decision-making processes, and make the most of dynamic markets. In addition, the division’s Marketing Management Service offers staff expertise to members for resolving shipping disputes under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act.

Transportation Services

The division also provides members with access to FFVA’s partnership with C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc., one of the world’s largest transportation, logistics and sourcing companies. Increased competition and rising fuel costs present tough transportation challenges for growers. Through FFVA, members have access to efficient, effective solutions dedicated to truck availability and the delivery of fresh produce from Florida.


FFVA is a key contributor to the U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council. The council is working to reduce barriers to trade between the countries, in turn lowering costs to consumers and businesses and creating economic opportunities for companies on both sides of the border.

The association is involved with the North American Trade Committee, made up of representatives from Canada, Mexico and the United States to resolve cross-border issues.

"Fresh From Florida" marketing membership

FFVA provides its producer members a membership in the "Fresh From Florida" marketing program offered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Participation in the marketing program offers members additional resources to market their product, including the use of the highly recognized "Fresh From Florida" logo.
In addition, members receive point-of-purchase materials, have access to trade leads, receive the “Fresh From Florida” magazine and industry newsletter, tie-in to supermarket promotions that feature Florida products in newspaper and store circular advertisements and receive a farm sign customized with the member's business name.