Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association is a steadfast and trusted voice for Florida producers, a voice that state and federal authorities rely on for leadership and information about the agriculture industry. FFVA’s veteran professionals work diligently on behalf of the association's members on numerous fronts.


In Washington, D.C., FFVA's team of governmental representatives, supported by key staff, works directly with congressional and administration policymakers on critical farming issues. Additionally, FFVA serves as a co-chair of the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance, a national industry coalition of more than 120 organizations that was instrumental in working toward a Farm Bill that continues to invest in programs that benefit specialty crop agriculture. FFVA also continues to work alongside other industry associations through the Agriculture Workforce Coalition, which is pushing for immigration reform that meets the needs of the agricultural workforce. In addition, FFVA is a strong voice for funding of top-priority federal programs, such as research for managing critical pest and disease threats.


In Florida, fruit and vegetable growers rely on FFVA for strong representation in Tallahassee. In recent years, the state’s burgeoning urban population has altered the makeup of the Legislature, creating a challenging environment for the few remaining pro-agriculture lawmakers. FFVA maintains a full-time office in Tallahassee with veteran staff promoting the industry’s interests to legislators.

Water management

Florida growers face increasing competition for the state’s limited water resources. As Florida's population grows, demand for public supply is increasing dramatically. At the regulatory level, FFVA works to ensure that the agricultural industry plays a vital role in helping Florida meet future needs through efficient conservation strategies and a commitment to developing practical alternative sources of water.