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Pandemic shines spotlight on the resiliency of farmers

Hurricanes. Widespread crop diseases. Freezes. Drought. Florida producers are used to dealing with all kinds of crises; it comes with the territory. However, nothing could have prepared the specialty crop industry to deal with the devastation wrought by COVID-19. 

The coronavirus has altered our world, changed our behaviors and added words to our lexicon: Flatten the curve. Immunocompromised. Asymptomatic. Social distancing. 

It also caused a massive disruption in the food supply chain early on. With the shutdown first of the foodservice sector and then a dramatic slowdown at the retail level, the losses to Florida’s fresh produce industry were devastating. It was the latest blow to an industry that has experienced significant losses over the past two decades from unfair trade practices by Mexico during NAFTA. 

From labor to transportation to federal financial relief, FFVA continues to work hard on numerous fronts to advocate for growers and secure the aid that is so badly needed as COVID-19 continues.