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Florida’s history will come alive at Cracker Breakfast with LeMieux

During George S. LeMieux’s time as a U.S. senator, the germ of an idea hit him for a book about the men and women responsible for Florida’s history.

“When traveling the state, I realized how little most of us know about the state we call home,” said the 50-year-old South Florida attorney. “That made me curious about our state, how it developed and who were the people who were instrumental in its development.”  

That curiosity eventually led to the 2018 book, “Florida Made: The 25 Most Important Figures Who Shaped the State.” LeMieux and co-author Laura E. Mize spent two years researching and writing what he hopes will give readers “a better understanding of our great state and the people who made it what it is today.

“I also hope that it will cause discussion and debate about who were the most important people in the state’s history,” he added. As LeMieux and Mize wrote in the book’s introduction: “Behind every great story there are great characters.”

LeMieux, chairman of the board of the statewide Gunster law firm, will talk about his book and the influential people who fill its pages during the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association’s 76th annual convention in Palm Beach.  He is the keynote speaker at the traditional Cracker Breakfast on Sept. 26. 

Coincidentally, the three-day convention will be at The Breakers, a luxury hotel built in the early 1900s by Flagler, who takes top billing in the book. LeMieux wrote that Flagler was the “most significant individual in Florida’s history.”